One Piece Arc List

In the event that you haven’t watched One Piece previously, there’s a high opportunity you’ve basically thought about it. It’s the most elevated selling manga ever, and that implies there should be something here that everyone appears to adore, ok? However at that point you find the greatest hindrance of passage to the series: 900+ episodes for the anime variation.

On the off chance that perusing manga is a greater amount of your thing, you can constantly peruse the source material. Furthermore, that would avoid any anime fillers simultaneously! In any case, that can very consume too: the manga has 970+ parts that have been gathered in 90+ volumes. It’s quicker than watching the anime, however you’ll in any case be investing a considerable amount of energy chipping ceaselessly.

There are bounty who favor the anime so they can encounter the story through enlivened activity (and pay attention to the promotion openings). When you begin watching and are in the week by week musicality, then everything ought to be great overall!

In any case, on the off chance that you’re a likely new fan or somebody who enjoyed some time off and have returned feeling a little lost, this continuous series could appear to be somewhat scary. I’m certain you really want a little assistance to kick things off: Here is a convenient rundown of the One Piece Sagas and Arcs, with all the story and fillers appropriately recognized.

Most fans generally split the story into bends (the greater part of which are named after islands or areas), the adventures that envelop them, and ultimately into equal parts of the series (set when a two-year time skip), however not every person isolates them as such.

TOEI has its own strategy for isolating the series into ‘seasons’, while Funimation accumulates the series into significantly longer and in this way less seasons. We’ll utilize the most well-known design, and incorporate a few depictions to limit it down to where you choose to watch One Piece.

The First Half

The primary portion of One Piece is isolated into six adventures:

East Blue Saga


Sky Island

Water 7

Thrill ride Bark

Highest point War

East Blue Saga

Its introduction adventure is the East Blue Saga, named after one of the significant seas on the planet. The East Blue Saga is separated into the accompanying curves:

Sentiment Dawn Arc

Sections 1-7 (Volume 1)

Episodes 1-3

Orange Town Arc

Sections 8-21 (Volumes 1-3)

Episodes 4-8

Syrup Village Arc

Sections 22-41 (Volumes 3-5)

Episodes 9-18

Baratie Arc

Sections 42-68 (Volumes 5-8)

Episodes 19-30

Arlong Park Arc

Sections 69-95 (Volumes 8-11)

Episodes 31-44

Loguetown Arc

Sections 96-100 (Volumes 11-12)

Episodes 45, 48-53

Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles Special

Fronts of Chapters 35-75 (Volumes 4-7)

Episodes 46-47

Warship Island Arc (Filler)

Episodes 54-61

The adventure has to do with the explanation such countless privateers have headed out looking for the One Piece. It likewise presents Monkey D. Luffy and the beginning of him fabricating his own team. He meets and enrolls four of his crewmates: including Zoro the fighter, Usopp the heavy weapons specialist, Nami the pilot, and Sanji the cook. The Warship Island curve is the main filler.

Alabasta Saga

Following this is the ‘Alabasta Saga’, named after the country that the Straw Hats are attempting to reach. The Alabasta Saga is separated into the accompanying curves:

Turn around Mountain Arc

Sections 101-105 (Volume 12)

Episodes 62-63

Whisky Peak Arc

Sections 106-114 (Volumes 12-13)

Episodes 64-67

Journal of Koby-Meppo Special

Fronts of Chapters 89-119 (Volumes 10-14)

Episodes 68-69

Little Garden Arc

Sections 115-129 (Volumes 13-15)

Episodes 70-77

Drum Island Arc

Sections 130-154 (Volumes 15-17)

Episodes 78-91

Alabasta Arc

Sections 155-217 (Volumes 17-24)

Episodes 92 – 130

Post-Alabasta Arc (Filler)

Episodes 131-135

In the Alabasta Saga the Straw Hat Pirates meet and vow to assist the princess of Alabasta with making it home, to deflect a tragic arrangement by the detestable Baroque Works. Tony Chopper joins the team as a specialist, while Nico Robin joins as a paleologist. The main filler circular segment in this adventure is the Post-Alabasta Arc.

Sky Island Saga

‘Sky Island Saga’ is the name of the third one, alluding to the incredible drifting island known as Skypiea. The Sky Island Saga is partitioned into the accompanying bends:

Goat Island Arc (Filler)

Episodes 136-138

Ruluka Island Arc (Filler)


Jaya Arc

Parts 218-236 (Volumes 24-25)

Episodes 144-152

Skypiea Arc

Parts 237-302 (Volumes 26-32)

Episodes 153-195

G-8 Arc (Filler)

Episodes 196-206

The Sky Island Saga follows the group as they research reality behind the legend of the drifting island. When they figure out how to make it there, they find a plot that could obliterate it. Occasions somewhere else present two individuals from the World Government-partnered Shichibukai: Bartholomew Kuma and Donquixote Doflamingo. The Goat Island Arc, Ruluka Island Arc, and G-8 Arc are fillers in this adventure.

Water 7 Saga

The fourth adventure is the ‘Water 7 Saga’, alluding to the nominal island well known for its shipwright laborers. The Water 7 Saga incorporates the accompanying circular segments:

Long Ring Long Land Arc

Parts 303-321 (Volumes 32-34)

Episodes 207-219)

Sea’s Dream Arc (Filler)

Episodes 220-224

Saucy’s Return Arc (Filler)

Episodes 225-228

Water 7 Arc

Sections 322-374 (Volumes 34-39)

Episodes 229-263

Enies Lobby Arc

Sections 375-430 (Volumes 39-44)

Episodes 264-290, 293-302, 304-312

Supervisor Luffy Historical Special

Episodes 291-292, 303, 406-407

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

Sections 431-441 (Volumes 45-46)

Episodes 313-325

A portion of the significant improvements in this adventure incorporate the joining of Franky the shipwright and the substitution of their boat, the Going Merry, with Thousand Sunny. The filler bends inside this adventure are the Ocean’s Dream Arc and Foxy’s Return Arc.

Thrill ride Bark Saga

The penultimate adventure in the main half is the ‘Spine chiller Bark Saga’, named after the island turned transport that most of the adventure happens in. The Thriller Bark Saga is partitioned into the accompanying circular segments:

Ice Hunter Arc (filler)

Episodes 326-335

Chopper Man Special

Episode 336

Thrill ride Bark Arc

Parts 442-489 (Volumes 46-50)

Episodes 337-381

Spa Island Arc (filler)

Episodes 382-384

A differentiating adventure from the others. It centers around the group’s appearance on a phantom island. It’s inside this adventure that the team meets Brook and invites him as their performer. The Thriller Bark curve is the main standard circular segment in the adventure, with both the Ice Hunter Arc and Spa Island Arc going about as filler.

Highest point War Saga

The last adventure for the main half is the ‘Culmination War Saga’, which is the lead-up to an enormous scope war that impacts the world for eternity. The Summit War Saga is separated into these last curves:

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Parts 490-513 (Volumes 50-53)

Episodes 385-405

Amazon Lily Arc

Parts 514-524 (Volumes 53-54)

Episodes 408-417

Straw Hat’s Separation Serial

Fronts of Chapters 543-560 (Volumes 56-57)

418-421, 453-456

Incite Down Arc

Parts 525-549 (Volumes 54-56)

Episodes 422-425, 430-452

Minimal East Blue Arc (Filler)

Episodes 426-429

Marineford Arc

Parts 550-580 (Volumes 56-59)

Episodes 457-489

Post-War Arc

Parts 581-597 (Volumes 59-61)

Episodes 490-491, 493-516

Toriko Crossover Special Episode

Episode 492

Unquestionably, one of the most serious circular segments as Luffy and group are trapped in an ejecting battle between the Whitebeard Pirates and the World Government. Indeed, even as the last adventure of this half, we’re actually acquainted with new fan-most loved characters like Trafalgar Law. It closes with Luffy and his crewmates choosing to prepare themselves in anticipation of heading out to the New World. The main filler bend inside this adventure is the Little East Blue Arc.

The Second Half

The Final Sea: The New World Saga

One Piece

A two-year time skip isolates the main half from the final part, with the world changed and the team getting back from their own preparation. The last part of One Piece has these circular segments up to this point:

Fish-Man Island Saga

Dressrosa Saga

Four Emperors

Fish-Man Island Saga

The principal adventure is the ‘Fish-Man Island Saga’, named after the submerged island that fills in as the fundamental setting for the adventure. The Fish-Man Island Saga is parted into two circular segments:

Get back to Sabaody Arc

Sections 598-602 (Volume 61)

Episodes 517-522

Fish-Man Island Arc

Sections 603-653 (Volumes 61-66)

Episodes 523-541, 543-574

Toriko Crossover

Episode 542

After every part goes through their own preparation, the team reunites where they said they would two years earlier and proceeds with their movements. While they’ve gone to a sky island previously, this adventure centers around the group’s appearance on a submerged island. This adventure contains no filler curves in it.

Dressrosa Saga

Following is perhaps of the longest adventure, the ‘Dressrosa Saga’, which is named after the second island the Straw Hats visit in the wake of going into the New World. The Dressrosa Saga is partitioned into the accompanying circular segments:

Z’s Ambition Arc (filler)

Episodes 575-578

Punk Hazard Arc

Parts 654-699 (Volumes 66-70)

Episodes 779-589, 591-625

Toriko and Dragon Ball Crossover Special

Episode 591

Caesar Retrieval Arc (filler)

Episodes 626-628

Dressrosa Arc

Parts 700-801 (Volumes 70-80)

Episodes 629-746

This adventure addresses the group’s entry into the New World. The new locale ends up being just about as risky as it’s constantly said to have been as the group winds up against the absolute most famous privateers. Inside this adventure are two filler circular segments: Z’s Ambition Arc and the Caesar Retrieval Arc.

Four Emperors Saga

The latest running adventure is the ‘Four Emperors Saga’, the name ascribed to the ongoing four most remarkable privateer skippers, every one of which abiding in the New World. The Four Emperors Saga is as of now parted into the accompanying bends:

Silver Mine Arc (filler)

Episodes 747-750

Zou Arc

Parts 802-824 (Volumes 80-82)

Episodes 751-779

Marine Rookie Arc (filler)

Episodes 780-782

Entire Cake Island Arc

Parts 825-902 (Volumes 82-90)

Episodes 783-877

Levely Arc

Sections 903-908 (Volume 90)


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