Rice Gum Net Worth

RiceGum is one of the most talented YouTubers. Despite the fact that he is more detested than adored, it is conjectured that he does it purposefully, on the grounds that disdain wins’ perspectives on YouTube. Ricegum’s total assets is assessed at around $8million.

On the Billboard Emerging Artists graph in 2017, he was put number 25. The Recording Industry Association of America confirmed his tune “It’s Every Night Sis,” a reaction to a Logan Paul melody, platinum in March 2018. (RIAA). Despite the fact that RiceGum has diminished his number of posts, he actually raked in some serious cash while he was busy.

What is RiceGum’s Total Net Worth?

For a YouTuber, Twitch decoration, and music maker, RiceGum has made an enormous measure of cash. A web-based sensation once proclaimed his astonishment at RiceGum’s total assets since he has his reasonable portion of can’t stand on the Internet. Nonetheless, the disdain assists him with developing since it draws in additional adherents.

Starting around 2022, RiceGum has a total assets of $8million. He peruses this cash through YouTube, Twitch, gifts by his fans, his music, sponsorships, and other moment kinds of revenue.

His music profession is generally made of diss tracks. Because of the disdain the diss tracks pull, they become a web sensation and thus, make him huge load of cash.

In 2020, RiceGum showed his bareness on his Twitch account and was prohibited. Notwithstanding the boycott, his total assets would have been more than it right now is.

Who is RiceGum?

Brought into the world on November 9, 1996, Bryan Quang Le, prominently known as RiceGum is a famous YouTuber, known for his steady dubious assertions about other YouTubers. He is likewise a Twitch decoration, and music craftsman known for his consistent music diss discharges.

He has been posting on YouTube since he was 16 years of age. He began with transferring interactivity editorials of Call of Duty.

At the point when he was consulted, he expressed that his justification for making YouTube recordings was on the grounds that he needed to bring in sufficient cash to resign his folks and get some garments. Inevitably, he began a Twitch account too, doing likewise he was doing on YouTube-playing Call of Duty and making critiques.

Diss tracks on YouTube began to drift in 2017 and RiceGum burned through no time in participating. His initially diss track was a solitary Its Every Night Sis, where he included Alissa Violet. The diss track was coordinated towards her ex Jake Paul.

RiceGumater got together with a virtual entertainment powerhouse bunch named Clout Gang and went along with them that very year, making diss track and spoof for Jake Pauls’ Team 10 set-up.

Because of his dubious way of life, he has gotten into misconceptions with a few well known Internet sensations like Jake Paul, Hasan Piker, Bhad Babie, Gabbie Hanna, among others. RiceGum has additionally been gotten down on a few events on the Internet as a result of his viral dubious way of behaving.

He got it hot the most when he advanced a trick site that pre-owned betting esque elements to bait in their clients.

RiceGum lives in Los Angeles, California, United States, isn’t known to be in any relationship and is 5 feet 8 creeps in level. His wellspring of abundance is essentially from his web based streaming, content creation, and various sponsorships.

On What Platform Does RiceGum Stream?

RiceGum is an Internet sensation and in that capacity, he has accounts on practically all web-based entertainment stages. He streams live on Twitch and has three unique YouTube channels. He involves one as his video blog, one as his primary channel and the third one fills in as his live channel.

He right now utilizes his primary channel-RiceGum and the other two are inert. His keep going transfer on his YouTube channel was 11 months prior. On his Twitch account, he streams once consistently or two.

The amount Does RiceGum Earn?

At the point when RiceGum was more youthful, he used to be extremely dynamic via online entertainment, pulling in huge load of cash. Be that as it may, he right now doesn’t have a customary streaming timetable. He streams once consistently or two.

On the off chance that he was effectively streaming, he would make anyplace between $4,000 to $6,000 a month on YouTube, and $48,000 to $72,000 consistently. Because of the drop in his substance creation, he has lost a considerable amount. RiceGum has 8.4k dynamic supporters on Twitch, thusly, he would make $21,000 off level 1 endorsers alone in a month.

As far as his music vocation, how much cash he acquires is obscure. We are just certain he gets eminences from his diss tracks.

Because of his unregulated vacillations in his posts and live streams, it would be challenging to tell how much precisely RiceGum acquires from his numerous kinds of revenue.

RiceGum’s Music Career

In 2017, RiceGum tracked down its direction into the music business. His initially diss track that went extremely popular was his spoof of Jake Paul and Team 10s single Its Everyday Bro, named It’s Every Night Sis.

The diss track went so popular that it was positioned #80 in Billboard’s Hot 100, positioned #34 in Billboard USAs R&B/Hip-jump graph, and positioned #25 in Billboard USAs Rap diagram.

Since his most memorable track was, for example, achievement, he delivered two all the more later that very year-“God Church (a spoof title of a line from Its Everyday Bro), Frick da Police, and Naughty or Nice.

RiceGum’s Twitch Career

Having made it on YouTube, RiceGum chose to give his substance creation a shot Twitch. He made his Twitch account in 2013. For a solitary stream, he streams for a normal of 3 hours and gets up to 54,000 live watchers on his stream.

He initially began with Call of Duty, playing and going about as a pundit on it. As of now, his most streamed classes are Fortnite, GTA V, and Just Chatting.

His Just Chatting hours could break his GTA Vs record soon as RiceGum’s last 10 streams have all been in the Just Chatting classification, with the exception of one where he likewise played GTA V.

RiceGum’s YouTube Career

RiceGum began his YouTube profession as soon as 2012 and has amassed an enormous measure of abundance from it. His YouTube vocation is in a real sense which began his excursion into popularity. He began with being a reporter for Call of Duty ongoing interaction. After his ubiquity developed, he started to make satire recordings, the greater part of which included dissing individuals. He was then affected in hauling individuals for their disputable way of life.

His dissing abilities got him a great deal of supporters on his YouTube channel. Clutching the colossal progress of the substance and the amount he produced using it, he accomplished other things and even proceeded to deliver a few tunes dissing individuals.

Income From His Music Career

Since he began his music vocation in 2017, RiceGum has delivered 9 singles. The specific figures he has produced using his music vocation are not freely known.

In any case, taking into account the fame and how high up the diagrams his tunes went, he has made a colossal measure of income from his music profession.

Income as a YouTuber

RiceGum’s income as a YouTuber have extraordinarily varied since the pinnacle of his prevalence. He doesn’t transfer content as habitually any longer and isn’t partnered with any happy house also. Nonetheless, his transfers including other substance makers would get some forward movement. At this point, his month to month income from YouTube are supposed to be around $3,500 every month, and $42,000 per year, from simply his primary channel. Overall.

Profit As A Twitch Streamer

Of later, RiceGum is more dynamic on his Twitch account than he is on YouTube. He at present has 1.8 million adherents on Twitch. Out of this 1.8million supporters, 8.4k of them are dynamic endorsers. This intends that on Twitch, he procures $21,000 per month and no less than $252,000 per year.

RiceGum’s Sponsorship Deals

RiceGum made a great deal of profit from his supposed endorsers. It was supposed that in 2019, he got a sponsorship bargain from a betting site-Mystery Band. He got a great deal of backfires when general society got this news. Other YouTubers began to appear, guaranteeing they were offered huge amounts of cash to advance the purpose site. He anyway got the sponsorship bargain and somehow, it could have added to his income.

RiceGum’s Expenditure

How RiceGum spends his cash isn’t freely known 100% of the time. He loves to flaunt his extravagance and abundance on his web-based entertainment at whatever point he can. He once had a place with a powerhouse bunch – Clout House. At the point when he was with them, he remained in a 10-room 13-restroom multi-stunned extravagance property. It’s assessed that he burns through $40,000 to live in the CloutHouse with individual YouTubers and Social Media Influencers.

Every now and again Asked Questions

No. In 202, RiceGum moved out of the Clout House. Until this point in time, nobody actually understands what he had with the Clout Gang.

RiceGum has gotten his relationship life far from people in general. Nobody knows whether RiceGum is hitched, single, or even as of now dating.

While having various surges of pay, Rice Gum can be assessed to make $250k per year from the two his YouTube and Twitch channels, despite the fact that he doesn’t stream or post as frequently. This sum prohibits what he has gotten from gifts, memberships, and sovereignties.

RiceGum streams on his Twitch channel. He began his YouTube channel first yet doesn’t transfer there.

RiceGum has confronted numerous debates in his day to day existence, incorporating beefing with iDubbbzTV, Hasan Piker, Gabbie Hanna, Danielle Bregoli a.k.a Bhad Bhabie, Pokimane, and others.


RiceGum was on existence with a lady who had been the survivor of rape at some point in 2016. RiceGum kept on poking fun at the issue after the lady portrayed her frightening experience, in any event, venturing to such an extreme as to add, “Did it feel decent however?” RiceGum got an enormous measure of fire subsequently, both from survivors and fans. Despite the fact that he does harsh things like this, he has made a decent amount of cash from his life on the web.


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